The Infant Program is available for children ages six weeks to eighteen months.  We believe that infants need the opportunity to explore their world so we provide them with daily opportunities to do so.

The teacher to child ratio is four infants to one teacher. In this program we focus on personal relationships with the infants. We develop trust with the child by talking to them, physical contact and always being available to them.  We believe that families and children need to feel that they can trust and rely on their teacher to be able to meet the needs of each child. 

Infants are very curious and we know that they use all their senses at this age.  We meet this need by providing the children classroom experiences that include different textures to feel and taste, different styles of music and sounds and a variety of  art mediums.  Many different manipulatives are also used throughout the classroom to enhance the infants hand eye coordination.  The children are able to learn to be independent workers by holding their own bottles, utensils, and cups.  They also work hard at crawling, walking, and verbal communication to the other children and teachers.   

For more information about our Infant Program, call 574-658-9440. 

Infant Parent Resources